Anything Goes, No Restrictions, No Taboos Phone Sex

All Calls are $2.50 per minute and will discretely appear as on your credit card statement.

All calls are billed on a pay per minute basis.  Billing begins the moment you are connected to one of our PT Talkers.  If the PT Talker is unavailable you will not be charged any amount.  
Before connecting to an PT Talker you must first enter a valid credit card and agree to our TOS.  You can then select your country and enter your phone number into the call form and our system will connect to you.  You will then be placed on a brief hold while we send a call out to the selected PT Talker.  You will not be billed during this time.  Only when you and the PT Talker are connected will you be charged. 
As per Visa Rules we do not apply any Surcharge fees.
Our system is automated and charges your stored credit card in $30.00 increments.  This means that if you connect to an PT Talker your stored credit card will be charged $30.00.  If you only speak for 2 minutes then you will receive an automatic and instant refund of the remaining time.  *You must agree to each transaction before it can be processed.  
For example, let's say you register and connect with Jessie at $2.50 per minute and you both speak for 2 minutes.  Your credit card will be charged $5.00 and the remaining $5.00 is instantly refunded back to your card.
All data remains encrypted and secure.  
If you have any questions or concerns regarding your call session please contact us.